Starting and Stopping SMART


SMART can be started in secure mode or in non-secure mode. In non-secure mode the roles and users will not be checked.

  • To start SMART in secure mode run:

    ./ SecureServer true
  • To start SMART in non-secure mode run:

    ./ Server true
  • Use startSmart.bat in windows

  • You can start SMART in secure mode using the command:

    ./ start


  • To stop SMART kill the process id present in file:

    kill <pid>
  • SMART can also be stopped using the

    ./ stop
  • SMART can also be stopped using the /etc/init.d/smart stop command if installed as service.

Restart SMART

  • To restart SMART run:

    ./ restart

Stop and start hadoop/hbase

  • The scripts to start and stop hadoop is present under the <smartinstall>/hadoop directory.

  • To stop hadoop run the command:

  • To start hadoop run the command:


Clean up and start afresh SMART

Please NOTE, DO NOT DO THIS ON A PRODUCTION SYSTEM. This clears out all the data stored. To clean up the data for SMART and start a fresh instance, you need to do the following

  • Clean the data of hadoop
  • Clean the data in solr.
  • Remove the configuration stored to auto-deploy

Clean the data of hadoop

  • The data in hbase is stored in the directory <smartinstall>/hadoop/hadoop-0.20.2-cdh3u5/hadoop

  • Stop the database using the ./ script

  • Delete hadoop data directory

  • run the command to create the namenode as:

    ./hadoop-0.20.2-cdh3u5/bin/hadoop namenode -format
  • This creates a fresh clean datastore

Clean the data in solr

SMART uses Embedded Solr and hence is restarted when SMART is restarted.

  • Solr data is stored under <smartinstall>/solr-datastore
  • Remove all the directories inside the solr-datastore other than empty and core0
  • Edit solr.xml and remove all the entries other than empty and core0

Remove the configuration stored for auto-deploy

  • Remove the file <smartinstall>/config/deployed


SMART logs are present in <smartinstall>/nohup.out and solr logs are present in <smartinstall>/logs/smart.logs

Hadoop and hbase logs are present under <smartinstall>/hadoop/hadoop-0.20.2-cdh3u5/logs and <smartinstall>/hadoop/hbase-0.90.6-cdh3u5/logs/